Meet the Executive Board for the 2013-2014 Academic Year



Eloho Fidelia Akpovi ’14

Course 9: Brain and Cognitive Science + Chemistry (minor)

I was born in Nigeria but grew up in Boston (but somehow never got used to the cold =/). I’ve always had a passion for pursuing medicine, especially Pediatrics. More recently, I’ve discovered my inner activist and have become an advocate not just for greater representation of URMs in the STEM field but also for the advancement of minorities in all walks of life. I decided to start a pre-med organization for minorities at MIT because 1) NSBE just isn’t for pre-meds no matter how much network exposure you get (lol), 2) learning from your peers is usually more beneficial and time efficient than learning from the Pre-health office, and 3) I’ve learned that my biggest support system has been the minority community at MIT, so why not allow others reap the same benefit? I live in New House 2 and I’ve found myself involved (actively; it’s not just a resume-building thing) with the Black Students’ Union (did I mention I served on the eboard twice), Black Women’s Alliance (again, second time on the eboard lol), Gospel Choir, Finance Board (Finboard), Senior Ball Committee, and of course MAPS.



Salvador “Sal” Esparza ’14

Course 9: Brain and Cognitive Science + Course 21M: Theater Arts (minor)

I was born in Orange County, California and raised in a small suburb just outside of downtown Chicago. I’m very passionate about minority and LGBTQ advocacy and do a lot of work with Latino organizations and the Women’s and Gender Studies department of MIT. I’m a huge theater enthusiast and have been performing since I was 12 years old. I’m very interested in medicine because it’s the knot that holds together the two strands of ambition in my life — to apply science and to directly influence people’s lives. As an MIT student, learning about the brain (and the nervous system in general) has interested and kept me engaged to no end. I think the human mind is so fascinating, and across my studies the subject of mental deficits has been a recurring theme. I look forward to the day that I can apply my knowledge and I want to see myself changing people’s lives for the better through medicine.



Jaqueline “Jamir” Thompson ’16

Course 3: Material Science and Engineering

I was born in Maryland and raised in San Antonio, TX. On campus, I am the PreCollege Initiative Chair of the National Society of Black Engineers and participate in the Black Women’s Alliance and the Black Students’ Union. As you can see I am the only engineering major on the executive board; I believe that an engineering background gives a problem-solving mindset that I believe can be interfaced with medicine. I have always been interested in looking inside things, seeing how they work, and learning how to fix them. Currently I am interested in emergency medicine and orthopedic surgery. I hope that as a MITMAPS member I can encourage and help foster minority students on campus to pursue their medical goals.

Executive Secretary


Chimdimma “Amma” Okwara ’16

Course 9: Brain and Cognitive Science + Chemistry (minor)

I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. On campus, I play on the Varsity Women’s Soccer team. I am also a part of various clubs including the African Students’ Association, Black Women’s Alliance, and BrainTrust. I am affiliated with the Sigma Kappa sorority, and also serve on the Baker House Executive Committee as Social Chair. I have wanted to be a doctor since I was in lower school. The appeal of directly saving a life really appeals to me, especially in the global health context. Everyone should have a right to health care; it is integral in leading a fulfilling life. My life goal is to join Doctors Without Borders to deliver medical care to those lacking the proper resources.

S.N.M.A. Liaisons


Grace Assaye ’16

Course 9: Brain and Cognitive Science

I’m from Lawrenceville, Georgia but my hometown is Phoenix, Arizona. I’m also involved in the Black Women’s Alliance as the treasurer, and I work in the Residential Life and Dining Office and at my UROP in the Early Childhood Cognition Lab. I’m hoping to become either a neonatologist or pediatric neurologist in the future. I think medicine is my calling; I’ve never imagined myself doing anything else.


Eduardo Maury ’16

Course 9: Brain and Cognitive Science

I was born in Cuba, moved to Chile when I was 8 years old, and I’ve been in the states for 6 years. Seeing  a patient pass away while I was volunteering at the ER, made me realize about how medicine still had a lot of room for improvement. I  reasoned that had there been better technologies and procedures, the patient could have survived. Thus, I want to be a medical doctor and researcher to develop future procedures and technologies to increase the patient’s chances of survival. Besides MAPS I’m in the cabinet of Brain Trust and I’m the VP of External Relations of Colleges Against Cancer and I’m a Medlink. I also UROP at the Alzheimer’s Research Unit of Massachusetts General Hospital.